COVID-19 Updates & Resources


The appearance and spread of COVID-19 has affected everyone in profound and unexpected ways. In accordance with guidelines offered by the CDC and public health officials, Latham Centers has implemented changes in our protocols which are communicated directly to our staff and Latham families. 随着形势的发展, we will continue to post any new information here on our “Updates for Families” page.

All of us here at Latham Centers are focused on ensuring the well-being of our students, residents, staff, 还有足球外围最靠谱的网站家族. 足球外围最靠谱的网站在下面整理了许多有用的“家庭资源”, 足球外围最靠谱的网站希望你和你所爱的人都能安全健康.

Resources for Families

足球外围最靠谱的网站收集了一些有用的资源来帮助孩子们, parents, 护理人员应对冠状病毒带来的挑战. The virus and its effects require changes to our behaviors and routines, but we hope that the innovative ideas and resources presented below will help you and your families navigate through this difficult time.

如果你在这段时间照顾孩子, this list from the CDC (with additional suggestions below from Latham Centers) might offer some guidance:

  • 许多学校提供在线课程(虚拟学习). 回顾学校布置的作业, and help your child establish a reasonable pace for completing the work. You may need to assist your child with turning on devices, reading instructions, and typing answers.
  • 向你的学校传达挑战. 如果你面临技术或连接问题, 或者你的孩子很难完成作业, let the school know.
  • Create a schedule and routine for learning at home but remain flexible.
  • Have consistent bedtimes and get up at the same time, Monday through Friday.
  • Structure the day for learning, free time, healthy meals and snacks, and physical activity.
  • Consider the needs and adjustment required for your child’s age group.
  • 对学龄前儿童来说,在家里生活的过渡是不同的, K-5, middle school students, 还有高中生. Talk to your child about expectations and how they are adjusting to being at home versus at school.
  • Consider ways your child can stay connected with their friends without spending time in person.


  • Have hands-on activities, like puzzles, painting, drawing, and making things.
  • 独立游戏也可以用来代替结构化学习.
  • Practice handwriting and grammar by writing letters to family members. 这是一种很好的联系和限制面对面接触的方式.
  • Start a journal with your child to document this time and discuss the shared experience.
  • Use audiobooks or see if your local library is hosting virtual or live-streamed reading events.


在这艰难时期帮助有孩子在家的家庭, Latham Centers has compiled a list of resources in hopes of equipping families with strategies and tools. The following resources focus on creating programming specific to someone with Prader-Willi syndrome. 足球外围最靠谱的网站包括了五个部分:


PBS gives a perspective of a parent learning how to talk to her children about COVID-19.

描述社交距离的实践可能很困难. 这张图可以帮助简化:

Fitness and Fun

PWS Specific:


This website connects people to online support groups that are free— everything from rare diseases, addiction, anxiety… you name it.